Energy Expert life time learning.

Our training takes you through a step by step process of how to become an Energy Expert.

By following some of the tools and processes laid out in this training you will be able to drive down the energy consumption of an organisation.

You will also learn how to manage an organisation’s third largest expense.

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Over 40 Years of experience and knowledge all embedded into online training with global mentoring.


Start Your Energy Journey

The Principles of energy management

This course will help you understand the four R's which are Review, Realign, Reduce and Report on Energy Management.

The 11 Week Energy program

This course will help show you a clear and concise process that will help you as an “Energy Expert” work with organisations of all sizes and develop a concise program for energy management.

Becoming an Energy Expert

Whether you’re responsible for building management, look after utilities, or operate a business, this course will get you up to speed on energy management.

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The Energy Experts

The Energy Experts

“Energy Management is a journey – Take small but important steps towards making a significant impact on your utility consumption, costs but more importantly save our planet.”

Paul Webb

Energy Expert and Technical Adviser, helping businesses understand how to manage their energy consumption.

Sophie Turner

B2B Technical Admin who handles the B2B Marketing and Memberships.

The future of the
'Global Energy Experts'

Our mission is to bring energy experts around the world holding hands to drive down energy, reduce Carbon emissions and save our planet.